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Pickle Peacock Battlefield Tank Top v2

This stretchy loose tank top is extremely soft and comfortable. There is a Pickle Peacock logo added to this design. This top is named after a local pickleball tournament that Anna and her Mom played together.


Please choose the right size for the best fit and the material is made from stretchy knit fabrics. The length is (21.5" - 22.5") for regular (shown) or (24" - 25") for long fit. If you don't see the right size as option, please contact us so we can get one just for you.




Desgin highlight:

The Bright family have 5 peacocks, 3 Indian blue and 2 white. One of them is named "Pickle" as shown in the tank top.  In Asian, peacocks are believed to bring GOOD FORTUNE !


Anna always likes having fun in life. She played tennis doubles with her two sisters and her Dad but never got chance pairing up with her Mom Liping. That is why Anna wanted to play a  pickleball doubles with her Mom.  It takes guts to team up with a player under level of 3.0 to play Women's Open!  But it turned out to be a very fun time!  It was almost like Anna playing single against two good opponents. She chased many shots, left and right, front and back. Mom Liping did her best under pressure, throwing some awesome lobes and winning some angled shots. Anna carried her Mom to win the very first GOLD women's open! You can see the recorded video @annabright.pb instagram.

Pickle Peacock Battlefield Tank Top v2