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Good Fortune Pickle Peacock Butterfly Loose Tank Top

This stretchy loose tank top is extremely soft and comfortable.  I am positive that you will love the material and wear this top either on pickleball court or elsewhere.  


There is "" print on the both side of the tank top.  All of our designs are unique and beautiful and you can't find elsewhere.  You should be proud while wearing Pickle Peacock brand! Thank you!


Please choose the right size for the best fit and the material is made from stretchy knit fabrics. The length is (21.5" - 22.5") for regular (shown) or (24" - 25") for long fit. If you don't see the right size as option, please contact us so we can get one just for you. 




Desgin highlight:

The Bright family have 5 peacocks, 3 Indian blue and 2 white. One of them is named "Pickle".  Now you know why our brand is called "Pickle Peacock".   Peacocks are believed to bring GOOD FORTUNE!  At many tournaments, Anna was asked frequently by her fans where to buy Anna Bright merchandise.  Here we are!  Thanks to all Anna Bright FANs!

Good Fortune Pickle Peacock Butterfly Loose Tank Top